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RK Anderson

All of us involved with trying to understand our relationship with animals have benefitted from Dr. Robert K. Anderson, known by most simply as RK. I do not remember when I first met RK, as our lives overlapped in both public health and the founding of the Delta Society. Leo Bustad asked each of us to be founding board members, and at that time both of us were involved in the public health implications of human-companion animal interaction. RK helped me secure one of my first grants, which was from the Conference of Public Health Veterinarians, to study animal bite epidemiology. RK would often brag that he launched my career—I think he was kidding. He was always ahead of his times. He early on identified the value of animal companionship in balance with public health implications and the importance of dog behavior in maintaining the bond between dog and owner. He was a recognized liaison between the veterinary community and all the others that believed animals had many therapeutic roles to play. For many, RK will always mean good sound science in the service of animals and people.

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