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First Book for HABRI 2014 Book-Review Series Now Available

Time for another opportunity to explore facets of the human-animal bond that you might not otherwise. The first review book for 2014, Animals and the Human Imagination, is a collection of essays on a wide range of subjects written by those from diverse backgrounds. (You can learn more about the book and read an excerpt at the Columbia University Press website.) What I like about such collections is that each individual essay is short enough to read at one sitting. That also means that if one topic or author’s writing style doesn’t appeal, there’s a good chance that another’s will.

Those who request review copies will thank HABRI for adding a quality text to their personal libraries by submitting a maximum 1500-word review two months after receipt of the book.

If you have any questions about this, please email me at If you know you want a copy of the book, please send your request with your mailing address to Marcy Wilhelm-South, Supplies are limited so act now!

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