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CDC Presentation for Human Health Professionals on Diseases From Animals

The good news is that the CDC does recognize the value of animal companionship. The not so good news is that apparently they like the human health professions apparently have a different definition of One Health  than those in the veterinary professions as well as some among the public. The human medical definition is reflected in the WHO definition of a zoonosis in this document which is strictly unilateral and anthropocentric rather than bilateral. This is most unfortunate because such a belief greatly hinders the development of comprehensive policies that take into account the larger issues--climate change, habitat destruction, poverty, war, lack of education, etc.--that are undermining the health and welfare of all species, human and nonhuman animals and plants alike. Until we move past this myopic view of One Health as that limited to all people and adopt one that takes into account the lives of all living beings and their effect on each other, I do not see any lasting changes occurring.  Instead we will continue as now, anthropocentrically identifying diseases, killing anything perceived as a vector unmindful of the implications of doing so for the greater environment and members of all species in future generations, and seeing drugs and vaccines as cures.

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