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Service Dog Emergency Care Training for all Service Dog Handlers: An unrealistic demand or obvious human-service animal benefit?

As I read this article (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1558787818301114 ) on a study of trained and untrained handlers' ability to decontaminate their military dogs should the animals be exposed to a toxic substance, it seemed reasonable that such training should be mandatory for the handlers of all service animals. So often the media and others portray these animals as treasured human caregivers. And for sure, well-qualified and well-trained service dogs are more than worth their weight in gold. Consequently, logic says that handlers (or their representatives in the case of children or those whose disabilities make this impossible) who learn the basic skills that that would ensure their animal's physical welfare under emergency as well as normal circumstances would support the animal's and, by extension, the handler's welfare and success. From a handler and service dog perspective, doing so would be a win-win for the disabled user as well as the animal. 

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