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    TippingPoint, Inc

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    Myrna Milani, BS, DVM

    787 Stage Road

    Charlestown, New Hampshire 03603


    (603) 542-7227



    Bachelor of Science: Capital University (Columbus, Ohio)

    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Ohio State University

    Independent Scholar in Veterinary Ethology, integrating animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond, 1972-present.




    Books For

    professional audiences

    The Art of Veterinary Practice: A Guide to Client Communication, a behavior- and bond-based veterinary text, (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995) For

    general audiences The Weekend Dog (Rawson/Scribners,

    1984; Signet paper, 1985) The Invisible Leash (New American

    Library, 1985; Signet paper, 1986)

    The Body Language and Emotion of Dogs (William Morrow, 1986; Quill, 1993; Kindle

    1. 11)

    The Body Language and Emotion of Cats (William Morrow, 1987; Quill, 1993; Kindle, 2011) DogSmart: The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Dog You Want, Keeping the Dog You Find (Contemporary Books, 1997)

    CatSmart: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Caring for, and Living with You Cat (Contemporary Books, 1998)

    Preparing for the Loss of Your Pet: Saying Good-bye with Love, Dignity and Peace of Mind (Prima, 1998)

    A Loss for Words: Remembering Animals Loved and Lost (Fainshaw, 2011)

    The Veterinarian’s Guide to Pet Loss: Preventing the preventable, preparing for the inevitable, grieving without regrets (Fainshaw, 2011)

    Beastly Business, a behavioral-bond mystery (Plublished by Lulu in iBook and Nook formats, 2011)

    For general and professional audiences

    Entries in The Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior edited by Marc Bekoff (Greenwood Press, 2004) and The Encyclopedia of the Human-Animal Bond edited by Marc Bekoff (Greenwood Press, 2007)


    Dr. Milani has had articles published in professional journals, including Modern Veterinary Practice, Feline Practice, the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Journal, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Off-Lead training magazine. She also wrote the monthly “Golden Triangle” column for Veterinary Forum about owner, animal, and clinician interactions, internationally broadcast radio scripts for the “Pet Care Minutes” sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association and Merck (now Merial) Pharmaceuticals, an audio tape script on feline behavior for Proof in Advance Education Corporation, and the monthly “Mind of the Dog” column for Cornell University’s DogWatch newsletter. Currently, she writes a bi-monthly column for The Canadian Veterinary Journal on client communication.

    Additional Professional Activities:

    Dr. Milani has presented material at professional meetings sponsored by the Illinois and New Hampshire state veterinary associations, Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association, Midwestern Veterinary Conference, North American Veterinary Conference, New England Veterinary Conference, Student American Veterinary Medical Association Symposium, International Society of Anthrozoology, Association of Animal Behavioral Professionals, International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants, Tuft’s Center for Animals and Public Policy, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and the New England Federation of Humane Societies. Topics explored include feline behavior, the physiological, behavioral, and bond factors associated with companion canine aggression, the role of human and animal emotion as it relates to companion animal health and behavior, feline elimination problems, and the fundamentals of ethology for animal-care professionals. She served as keynote speaker at the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation’s “Frontiers in Veterinary Medicine” program at Purdue University and the Sheba Symposium on Feline Health and Behavior in Vienna, Austria, and as plenary speaker for the International Society of Anthrozoology. In 2009, she was awarded the Lilly Lectureship for the advancement of veterinary and public understanding of the human-companion animal bond. She has taught Animal Behavior, Wildlife Ecology and Bioethics on the college level, and courses in companion animal behavior and the bond for the general public. She currently serves on the editorial board of the Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative based at Purdue University.

    In addition to her behavioral/bond referral practice, writing, professional seminars, teaching and mentoring, Dr. Milani consults on a wide range of animal behavior- and bond-related issues. These include providing relevant background and expert opinion regarding canine aggression, breed-specific litigation, and animal-control programs that meet both human and animal needs, the role of animal behavior and the bond as it impacts the practice of veterinary medicine now and in the future, and the design and placement of pet-related products and services. Additionally, she provided animal behavior and human-animal bond background information for the award-winning PBS series, “Pets and the Family.” She also periodically serves as a resource for researchers from the National Geographic, Discovery, and Animal Planet networks on behavioral and bond issues, as well to those in the movie and television in industry. Her blog and podcasts have been named one of the top 50 written by veterinarians and one of the top 100 for pet owners by the staff of Veterinary Technician Schools Online.


    American Veterinary Medical Association, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association (of which she is a past president), International Society of Anthrozoology, International Society of Applied Ethology, International Association of Animal Behavioral Consultants, Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement.

    She is the founder and president of TippingPoint, Inc, an organization devoted to the integration of animal health, behavior, and the human-animal bond. She lives in Charlestown, New Hampshire