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Day of Healing - K9 Assisted Crisis Response Team

Kristyna Oates, Purdue StudentKristyna Oates, Purdue Student In the wake of the aftermath of the Purdue University school shooting, several campus organizations came together to sponsor the State of Indiana K-9 Assisted Crisis Response Team. Consisting of over ten dogs, the team helped to comfort students and deal with their emotions after the tragic event. “People are stressed out, you know, tired dealing with all the emotions. The dogs really help them to kind of work through that.There’s a lot of studies that show how they can lower the blood pressure, lower the heart rate, lower the stress levels and just in general help people cope,” said Julie Miller with Indiana K-9 Assisted Crisis Response Team.

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  1. Laurel Rabschutz

    Connecticut has created legislation and is developing K9 Crisis Response teams.

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