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Zika? Ebola? AIDS? What is the main epidemic in the world today?

The likelihood that ordinary people will acquire one of these famous diseases is relatively low compared to the silent epidemic that affects practically ALL people in our modern society. From a small nervous tic, to severe cases that require drastic treatments, mental illnesses should deserve due attention, since small gestures, such as spending all day connected to a smartphone, are already signs that something is wrong.

Unlike a fracture or hemorrhage, those who suffer from depression, stress or another mental illness, may ignore that they need help and even the people around them may think it is less serious, as they have no apparent symptoms and may be masked through palliative care. It happens that our consumer society fell ill en masse, each individual developed his own pathology and little is enough to explode the fury in a crowd.

Any spark is enough to start a big fire in a society that has isolated itself and forgotten the most ancient values. It seems incredible, but the real cure for all modern ills is found in the simplest attitudes and the oldest methods that Humanity has known. Downloading one more application, only aggravates problems and creates new needs. In the search for freedom, we are increasingly enslaved!

Gatomovel is the Noah’s Ark of the 21st century, for seventy years saving lives with charitable refinements and spreading knowledge. The lectures on mental health and quality of life given by ErasmodeOliveira, through the Gatomovel Project, show, in a simple and direct way, how the adoption of a pet can immediately improve the individual universe of each individual and, thus, contribute to a better, healthier, unplugged and happier society.

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