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Animals and the four elements

A simple matchstick, bought for a penny. An ice cube, made for free in our home freezer. The atmospheric air and the earth, which we breathe and tread at no cost. The main things where everything comes from, at a bargain price.

How much did the domain of fire represent for Humanity? The possibility of refrigerating food? We stopped being nomads thanks to these great conquests, now so trivial, that we despise them, unlike the alchemists, who credited them with the origin of everything.

These, lived a few centuries ago, and today, their "scientific" knowledge, sounds too elementary to us. What will animal abolitionists say about a hundred years from now? Everything that is done against animals in 2014, was done against human beings in 1814. The low cost of a match in the 21st century contrasts with the importance of the control of fire. Thinkon this! We will meet again in 2214 and, who knows, we will communicate in the language of angels, barking and meowing, the true universal language!

(Original text wrote in 2014)

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  1. Creative K

    A great vision on the Pet Care subject I would say ...  thanks a lot

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