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Mar 2018

  1. Veterinary group warns of holiday risks to family pets

    Chicago-area veterinarians are warning pet owners about some common items found around the Easter and Passover holidays. The Chicago Veterinary Medical Association says items such as Easter grass, lamb bones, chocolate and Easter lily plants all pose dangers for some family pets. 

  2. 'Generation rent' penalised for pet ownership – research

    Since its formation in 1979, SCAS has been campaigning for landlords of both private and social housing, as well as owners of care homes and hostels, to adopt “pet-friendly”policies. It has investigated the adverse impact on the physical and mental health of elderly people forced...

  3. Can Companion Animals Support People with Mental Health Problems?

    There is increasing recognition of the therapeutic function pets can play in relation to mental health. However, there has been no systematic review of the evidence related to the comprehensive role of companion animals and how pets might contribute to the work associated with managing a...

  4. APPA Report Details a Shift in Pet Ownership from Baby Boomers to Millennials

    In the past few years, pet ownership in the U.S. has undergone a generational shift. No longer do baby boomers represent the largest portion of pet owners; now millennials are the largest segment. Based on the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, the Generational Report analyzes all aspects...

  5. For military veterans suffering from PTSD, are service dogs good therapy?

     Lead author Maggie O'Haire, an assistant professor of human-animal interaction, emphasizes the study's "preliminary" nature and the need for more research on how service dogs might fit into treatment plans. "There is so much political agenda behind this topic,"...

  6. Animal camps help teach children responsibility

    According to Conni Lawrence, owner of Summer Wind Stables in Chester Township, and Nicole Latosky, education coordinator at Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village in Russell Township, it’s not just about having fun with animals, but teaching children responsibility.

  7. Therapy Pup Nova Brings Smiles to Northlanders

    "It's been amazing. I've literally had students come in and start sobbing, then start petting her during finals week, and get up with a smile on their face saying, I can do this," Lee said. Nova's mission is to make people happy and feel calm. 

  8. Pet Therapy Day hosted by local teenager a success

    Sixteen-year-old Tandria Burke hosted a pet therapy day for children with special needs. "Other people don't have access to animals or therapy in general so I decided to have a day where they could come out and play with the animals. They're just like furry best friends, four...

  9. Rabies alert: Inoculate your pets

    KWAZULU-Natal is currently suffering from an outbreak of rabies which has affected, in particular, communities along the coastal areas of the province. The department has put up a comprehensive and intensive response to fight this upsurge through the roll-out of a massive education,...

  10. Veterinarians offer helpful advice when flying with your pets

    Veterinarians recommend exposing your pet to their crate or travel carrier well before your trip in order to reduce their in-flight anxiety. They also stress the importance of having all the necessary paperwork and documents filled out and on hand in order to decrease wait time in the airport. 

  11. Increase in bat numbers leads to public health warning

    Southern NSW Local Health District (SNSWLHD) is urging residents of Yass, Goulburn and Crookwell to avoid contact with bats after reports of increased numbers of lyssavirus in the region. According to local officials, you cannot tell by looking at the animals if they carry the virus. 

  12. Dog walkers face falling foul of tougher council sanctions

    Dog walkers in Co Cork could face on-the-spot fines if caught without poop bags and may be named and shamed if they don’t clean up after their pets.  Independent councillor Danny Collins said there were dog poo bag dispensers in some towns, but there were no designated bins to put...

  13. Pet food manufacturer issues recall; potential risk to both pets, owners

    Blue Ridge Beef of Eatonton is voluntarily recalling some of its raw pet food products because of public health risks from potential salmonella and listeria contamination. One lot of BRB Complete raw pet food was recalled Tuesday, according to a news release from the Georgia Department of...

  14. Animal sentinels sounding the alert

    Veterinarians are accustomed to protecting animal health, but in some instances, animals end up protecting human health. Several characteristics contribute to the ability of pets to serve as sentinels for human diseases. They are less mobile than humans and constantly exploring their...

  15. Military veterans with PTSD turn to service dogs for help. But does it work?

    “The numbers are startling on veteran suicides, and this is working,” said Rory Diamond, a former federal prosecutor who quit to become chief executive of K9s for Warriors, where he had been providing pro bono legal services. Politicians and policymakers are debating whether or not...