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Jun 2019

  1. Top senior Spracklin riding off to UConn in fall

    Wheeler High's valedictorian and senior class vice president talks about her experience volunteering at Horses Healing Humans, a farm that offers equine-assisted learning and psychotherapy. They also provide therapeutic riding.

  2. Rowan University gifted $3 million to start therapy dog program

    Rowan University recently received $3 million to establish an endowment for a self-sustained program to provide certified therapy dogs on campus. The donation came from Gerald Shreiber, president and CEO of J&J Snack Foods Corp.

  3. Concert to raise awareness for equine-assisted therapy

    Scott Helmer will be using a concert to raise awareness for equine-assisted therapy and spotlight Eagle's Nest Ranch's five-year anniversary. Eagle's Nest Ranch provides one-on-one sessions with horses to adults and children fighting invisible wounds.

  4. Lake Erie College expands Therapeutic Riding Program

    Lake Erie College's Therapeutic Riding Program, which offers equine-assisted activities to adolescents with developmental disabilities, is expanding. This program is meant to help children looking to improve problem-solving skills, emotional awareness, and impulse control, among other skills.

  5. FEATURE-Wise and serene, owl power swoops into animal therapy in England

    Hack Back provides animal-assisted therapy using owls to support health and well-being services. Founded seven years ago in England, Hack Back incorporates this alongside talking therapy to help patients deal with a variety of issues, including autism and anxiety.

  6. Green Chimneys Welcomes New Foal

    Green Chimneys has welcomed a new foal, Cricket. Cricket was born May 15th to Maya, an 8 year old miniature horse.

  7. Study Shows The Paw-sitive Effects Of Watching Cat Videos

    A study involving nearly 7,000 survey responses revealed that cat videos can positively influence the emotions of the viewers. It also showed that people who own or have previously owned, or regularly assist with pets, are more likely to watch cat videos.

  8. Therapeutic Riding Can Help Combat Veterans with PTSD

    A study funded by the Horses and Humans Research Foundation shows that horses can help military veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorders. The study followed 51 veterans and active duty service members through an eight-week therapeutic riding program.