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  1. James Middleton: How Can Being a Dog Owner Help With Depression?

    His op-ed in The Daily Mail painted a picture of an isolated and tortured individual who suffered from insomnia and almost complete numbness to the joys in life. “During the day I’d drag myself up and go to work, then just stare with glazed eyes at my computer screen,...

  2. James Middleton: How Can Being a Dog Owner Help With Depression?

    Although Middleton continues to struggle with depression, he says therapy and talking to friends and family helped him see the light beyond the dark forest. Plus he says his dogs, Ella, Inca, Luna, Zulu, and Mabel have been important in his recovery. Even though Middleton doesn’t refer...

  3. NHS: Check pets for tumors regularly

    Pets can demand a lot of attention, but the Nebraska Humane Society said it's important to give them attention and check-in on their health.

  4. Howell County under rabies alert after cat tests positive

    Health department officials say the alert was issued after a cat from Howell County tested positive for rabies on December 13. The cat was a stray that came into contact with a family of five, consisting of the parents and three children. The cat began acting strangely and was taken to a local...

  5. Oxyfresh Partners with Leading Online Veterinary Pharmacy, Vetsource

    Oxyfresh, the leading provider of safe, environmentally friendly products for people and pets, announces their partnership with Vetsource; a technology-enabled healthcare services company with a platform designed to empower veterinarians to deliver better care to their patients. This...

  6. 'Fake' vets cause pet deaths in Cape Town

    Vets are the authorities pet owners trust to take care of their beloved companions, and a recent increase in reports of false veterinary practitioners has left many wary of who they can trust to take care of their pets.

  7. Dog Aging Project Searches for Keys to Healthy Aging in Pets, Humans

    Members of the Dog Aging Project are bringing together data on up to 10,000 purebred and mixed breed pet dogs for an open science effort to understand healthy aging in humans and dogs, and to search for ways of extending healthy canine companion lifespans.

  8. How Pets Improve Your Mental Health

    And 75 percent shared that they saw the mental health of a family member or friend improve through pet ownership. 

  9. Buffalo County vet offers alternative therapies

      Dr. Margaret Meier Jones established the center in 2001 in Mondovi’s industrial park. At the state-of-the-art veterinary facility, large animals and household pets can receive acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments along with conventional veterinary practices.

  10. Pets need more food during cold weather

    Pets who spend most of their time under a blanket on the couch won't notice the difference, but dogs that spend a lot of time outside or are housed outdoors and enjoy high-energy activities such as hunting or running may need some dietary fortification to keep them at their best weight and...

  11. Evolution used same genetic formula to turn animals monogamous

    Why are some animals committed to their mates and others are not? According to a new study led by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin that looked at 10 species of vertebrates, evolution used a kind of universal formula for turning non-monogamous species into monogamous species...