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  1. Zoetis becomes first Human-Animal Bond Certified Company

    Zoetis recently became the first human-animal bond certified company. This certification comes from a program by the North American Veterinary Community and the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute. More than two dozen employees at Zoetis completed the program.

  2. Ponies pay a visit to care home

    Residents at a Kemnay care home, Meallmore Ltd's Grove Care Home, recently had visits from a pair of Shetland ponies. These residents were able to benefit from the animal-assisted therapy.

  3. Courthouse bandit comforts young witnesses

    The Cleveland County DA's office in Oklahoma has brought in a therapy dog to assist children who are involved there as either victims or witnesses. Therapy dog Bandit was trained with the Human Animal Link of Oklahoma Foundation.

  4. The truth about therapy dogs in children's hospitals

    In a study at Southampton Children's Hospital involving three handlers and five Golden Retrievers, researchers found that therapy dogs provided benefit to children during procedures like radiology tests. The study was published in the British Journal of Nursing.

  5. Escaped pet parrots are now naturalized in 23 US states, study finds

    An ecologist with the University of Chicago, along with researchers at Cornell University and the University of Michigan, has been looking into parrot species in the United States. Published in the Journal of Ornithology, their work uses databases of bird sightings to show that parrots...

  6. Human Animal Bond celebrates 25 years

    Fort Leavenworth's Human Animal Bond program is celebrating 25 years this year. The group's members provide pet therapy experiences to local areas, including schools, assisted living homes, libraries, correctional facilities, and health care facilities.

  7. Therapy dogs in action throughout West Valley

    West Valley health care centers have been using nonprofit JFCS therapy dogs to provide service. JFCS enrollment and eligibility manager Alex Warren discusses their benefits and the differences between therapy dogs and service dogs or emotional support dogs.

  8. Students benefit by reading pages to pups

    Students at Lien Elementary School in Amery, Wisconsin have been getting the opportunity to read to dogs from Black Brook Kennels since the beginning of this school year.

  9. China Focus: National Park tackles human-wildlife conflict

    Sanjiangyuan National Park is responding to a rise in human-animal conflicts with an insurance policy. While a recent pay-out went to the first loss of human life, the insurance may also be used to compensate local herdsmen for lost livestock.

  10. Equine therapy can help brain injury patients, study finds

    University of Basel researchers have researched the impact of AAT on patients suffering from brain injuries. They found that it can significantly improve their social behavior and communication skills. The study was published in Scientific Reports.