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  1. No link between 'hypoallergenic' dogs and lower risk of childhood asthma

    A new study published in Scientific Reports from Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University in Sweden shows that while growing up with dogs is linked to a lower risk of asthma, there was no relation between hypoallergenic breeds and a lower risk of asthma.

  2. Therapy Dog Kevin The Greyt Proves Everyone Should Adopt A Retired Greyhound

    The University of Central Oklahoma has its first on-campus therapy dog, Kevin the Greyt. A greyhound, Kevin retired from racing at five years old, and was adopted in November 2016 by Alex Russell, Assistant Director of Health Promotion at the university's Center for Counseling and Wellbeing....

  3. 'These kids need to be needed and farming gives them that'

    A family in Dorset is running a farm with livestock used for animal-assisted therapy. The team there are qualified in teaching, special educational needs, and occupational therapy, and they work with about 20 schools through Dorset and Somerset.

  4. Therapy dog teams set to respond to emergencies

    Paws from the Heart, with 15 teams of dogs and handlers trained and ready to respond to crises and emergencies, celebrated its first anniversary in November.

  5. Pets Forever volunteers help seniors keep their pets

    Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences community service program Pets Forever helps elderly and disabled residents of Larimer County to keep their pets. Volunteers with the program help pet owners provide basic care like dog walking and litter-box...

  6. HMH Foundation funds pet therapy program

    The Hardin Memorial Health Foundation is establishing a new pet therapy program called PUPS (Providing Unconditional Patient Support). This month, they approved more than $30,000 to establish it, which will allow the hospital to employ a program manager and will pay for a full-time facility dog.

  7. Efforts to make workplaces, housing more pet-friendly take root

    Partnering with Mars Petcare and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute, the Pet Leadership Council is leading pilot programs in Austin and Columbus to make workplaces and housing more pet friendly. Research has shown that in Austin, only 28 percent of the housing is pet friendly, while...

  8. Children under stress could benefit from interaction with therapy dogs

    A study finding that children who experience stress and then interact with therapy dogs benefit from a decrease in anxiety and mood improvements was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology. Researchers from Yale University studies these outcomes with...

  9. How the Family Dog Keeps Kids and Parents Healthy, Happy

    In 2015, the American Board of Family Medicine published a lengthy review of the known health benefits of dog ownership. They presented evidence indicating that dogs have many positive benefits on both kids, and adults

  10. Link between pet abuse and domestic violence

    A workshop on the link between pet abuse and domestic violence on this first day of Domestic Violence Awareness week. In domestic violence situations, pets like Mocha here can be used as leverage to keep a victim in a violent situation or they can be harmed.

  11. Wolf signs bill to help pets left in hot cars

    House Bill 1216 makes it a summary offense to confine a dog or cat in an unattended vehicle if it endangers the animal's health. Law enforcement officers, humane officers, animal control officers, and emergency responders could remove the pets if they have reasonable...

  12. Pets on planes

    Opinion piece about pet owners bringing their furry friends when traveling. 

  13. Yes, your pet can tell time

    A new study has found some of the clearest evidence yet that animals can judge time. By examining the brain's medial entorhinal cortex, the researchers discovered a previously unknown set of neurons that turn on like a clock when an animal is waiting.

  14. 'Dog-ters' on call at some Southern California hospitals

    Dr. Nicholas Testa, Chief Physician Executive for Dignity Health Southern California, said, "They actually really create a home-life environment here in the hospital that is important for our patients and our families,"

  15. In sickness and in health…but I'm keeping the pet

    Divorce cases have seen families feud for years over children, and now Californian judges will have similar authority over deciding who gets to keep the family dog based on criteria such as who is the main caretaker, who takes the dog for a walk, to the vet and who feeds the...