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May 2018

  1. Therapy pets at Fitchburg kids' library

    The Fitchburg Youth Library will have Be PAWSitive Therapy Pets on Saturday, June 2, to help children practice their reading skills.

  2. St. Anthony Hospital therapy dog brings healing

    St. Anthony Hospital has brought in its first official therapy dog, Kyle. The St. Anthony Hospital Foundation funded a month of therapy dog training for the black lab puppy.

  3. Tutor with Tails program creates a fun space for early readers

    Students at Minter Creek Elementary School have been given the chance to participate in a pilot pet therapy program. The new program is called Tutor with Tails Reading Program and takes place every Wednesday afternoon.

  4. Providing comfort with cuddle therapy

    Residents at The Lantern at Morning Pointe in Lenoir City have been benefiting from a new type of pet therapy using two robotic cats named Minnie Puuurl and Opie. The Joy For All companion pets are made by Hasbro.

  5. 'PAWS-itivity' Celebrated at Branford High School

    Branford High School's Career Center has incorporated space to provide pet therapy with "Practice the PAWS." They had eight pet therapy teams visit at specific times.

  6. Hope comes in many forms: Therapy dog helps kids heal from trauma

    Youth Villages Inner Harbour brought in a new therapy dog, Hope, weeks after losing their previous therapy dog, Cookie. The kids at the campus in Georgia can sometimes connect more easily to a therapy animal than a person because they sometimes are dealing with trust issues.

  7. Donkeys pay a special visit to Oaklands Care Home

    Sarah McPherson established Mini Donkeys for Wellbeing after observing the help they gave her mother as she faced dementia. She brings the donkeys to care homes now to help residents in these facilities.

  8. Study Reveals Impact Flea Outbreaks Have On Pet Owners

    A recent MSD Animal Health survey of 2,000 British pet owners showed that all participants had been affected by flea outbreaks at least once. The study also showed that 82 percent struggled to keep the fleas under control, and that 73 percent underestimated how much of a problem fleas could be.

  9. Morocco's First Pet-therapy Coming to Rabat Children Hospital

    Rabat's Souissi Children's Hospital will soon be offering animal-assisted therapy, a first in Morocco. The space will open on June 28. The hope is that this will inspire other hospitals throughout the country to open their own pet therapy spaces.

  10. Nipah Virus Outbreak: Zoonosis Claims 10 Lives In India

    The zoonotic Nipah virus that recently emerged in India has already killed 10 people. The outbreak was traced to a family in Kozhikode, and its believed that it originated from infected fruit bats that were found dead in their well. 

  11. Berkeley residents restricted to only two pets per household

    Berkeley has instituted a new restriction on the number of pets residents may own. While residents could previously have three pets, each registered for $1 to $2, the limit is now two pets, with a registration fee of $5 each.

  12. Therapy Dogs Help 1st Graders Build Reading Confidence

    First graders at Minetto Elementary School have been improving their reading skills and confidence with therapy animals through a partnership with PAWS of CNY. Therapy dogs and cats, with their handlers, visit the school once a month.

  13. How therapy dog Ted is helping mental health patients across Cumbria

    The Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust's Hanna French, an occupational therapist, has begun a new initiative incorporating pet therapy for clients. She started bringing Ted, the therapy dog, after studying pet therapy in a unit at her university.