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Sep 2018

  1. Thai Public Health Ministry: Your pet cat may be a ringworm carrier

    Even if your cats don’t have any symptoms, they might still be carriers,” he said, after word spread on social media about cats infecting humans with ringworm.    Common symptoms are raised red, scaly and itchy patches that may spread. Treatment with anti-fungal...

  2. Funeral director's love of animals inspires a new way to memorialize pets

    Croft and others found closure for their deceased pets on Sunday, which also was National Pet Remembrance Day, at Volusia Memorial Funeral Home in Port Orange. Bette-Jo Foster, reverend at Covenant United Methodist Church in Port Orange, led the memorial ceremony, and attendees painted rocks...

  3. 8 Ways Pets Make You Happier and Healthier

    It turns out that pets improve the quality of our lives in so many ways. In this article, there are proven ways pets make you happier and healthier.

  4. Health department offers rabies vaccines for pets

    The clinic will be held rain or shine on a walk-in basis. Each vaccination costs $8 and is payable by cash or check. All dogs, cats and ferrets are welcome and, for the safety and comfort of all, must be contained, leashed or in a carrier.

  5. Dollars and Pets: Costs and benefits of pet grooming

    Grooming isn’t just a luxury for our pets. It can actually be an affordable and practical way to monitor their health and make them more comfortable. Here are a few benefits to keep in mind: Reduces shedding, fleas and other parasites. Helps them bond, relax and...

  6. The biggest financial shocks for pet owners (and how to avoid them)

    Every six seconds, a pet owner is faced with a vet bill of more than $1,000 — and if you’re a pet owner, chances are pretty good you’ve been hit with bills far more expensive than that. Treating stomach conditions (the most common serious illness for dogs and cats) can cost up...

  7. New Meals on Wheels Grant Supports Local Seniors and Their Pets

    A Central Florida non-profit has received a grant to help low-income seniors with the costs of having a pet. Seniors First president Marsha Lorenz says many of her clients have to choose between buying food and medicine for themselves or their pets.

  8. Hurricane preparedness for your pets

    “Natural disasters like hurricanes don’t always give us much time to act. That’s why it is vital to plan ahead,” said Boyd Parr, South Carolina state veterinarian and director of Clemson University Livestock-Poultry Health (LPH). “Being prepared can save you and your...

  9. As Animal-Assisted Therapy Thrives, Enter the Cats

    Just having them close by is the best therapy,” Ms. Benjamin added. “If I’m sitting comfortably in a chair after surgery or I’m lying down just to feel their warmth and hear them purr, it’s comforting just to have them going around their regular business —...

  10. The Therapeutic Wisdom of Talking to Animals

    Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) consists of a formal, structured set of sessions that helps people reach specific goals in their treatment by building on the pre-existing human-animal bond. Interacting with a friendly pet can reduce blood pressure, improving overall cardiovascular health.

  11. Mayo looking to expand therapy dog program

    There’s a certain kind of medicine that helps patients and it doesn’t come in a bottle. It actually comes on four legs and with a wet nose. It’s therapy dogs. Mayo has about 30 therapy dogs in its mostly volunteer program.

  12. Can alternative therapies help PTSD?

    Talking or exposure therapies may not work for everyone with post-traumatic stress disorder, but do the alternatives work?

  13. AAHA releases preventive care protocol publication

    Preventive care exams remain a veterinary professional’s best chance to influence good outcomes throughout a pet’s lifetime, according to AAHA. Through these hands-on moments with patients and regular consultations with pet owners, practitioners can provide advice, preventive care...