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Mar 2018

  1. Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero, takes the nation by storm

    The new animated film Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero promises to renew the nation’s awareness of a remarkable tale of friendship, loyalty, and devotion. There are few accounts in the history of the human-animal bond to match the stirring tale of a stray mutt and a caring soldier...

  2. Monmouth County SPCA assists with rescue of over 300 dogs from Puerto Rico

    The urge to get the animals out of Puerto Rico originally came from the devastating hurricanes that hit the island in September. It is reported that since the storms there are still regions without power or running water, forcing families to give up their beloved pets to shelters that are already...

  3. Colquitt Regional Medical Center welcomes 3 therapy dogs

    Animal-assisted therapy is a growing field that uses dogs to help patients recover from or cope with health problems, the hospital said in a press release. This type of therapy can range from supporting cancer patients to providing companionship for hospice patients. 

  4. Jaguars and well-managed logging concessions can coexist, say conservationists

    Logging activities in biodiverse forests can have a hugely negative impact on wildlife, particularly large species such as big cats, but a new study proves that the Western Hemisphere's largest cat species -- the jaguar (Panthera onca) -- can do well in logging concessions that are properly...

  5. Shelter dogs featured at weekend expo

    Bullhead City Animal Care and Welfare officers set up table outside of the Home and Garden expo with five ready-to-adopt dogs. After an hour, only two were left. “There was a long line of people,” said Christina Cortese, lead animal welfare officer at the city’s shelter. 

  6. Urgent recall of deadly dog food

    The ADVANCE Dermocare dry dog food range is being pulled off shelves and owners are being urged to stop using the product due to concerns it may be behind the potentially fatal condition, megaesophagus, which has struck down dogs in South Australia and Victoria.

  7. Somebunny to Love fundraiser benefits rabbits training as therapy pets

    “Rabbits are very empathetic. If you go somewhere and someone’s crying, they will actually try to comfort them,” explained Pickard, director and owner of Youngstown-based Frisky Ferrets, Fuzzies & Feathered Friends Rescue & Sanctuary, a 23-year-old organization that...

  8. Service, Support & Therapy Animals: What's The Difference?

    Some animals are more than just pets. They provide guidance and comfort for their owners, typically as a companion at home and in public places.  What distinguishes service dogs from emotional support and therapy animals?

  9. Megaesophagus dog death toll rises after Advance Dermocare recall

    The death toll of dogs that ate a potentially harmful batch of dry dog food is rising. The Melbourne-based company, Mars Petcare Australia voluntarily recalled the food from 500 stores. “Animals with megaesophagus can regurgitate their food and can have difficulty or show...

  10. Why you wont be able to buy your children THIS from Pets at Home this Easter

    Pets at Home is trying to encourage responsible pet ownership by banning the adoption and sale of rabbits between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Instead, they are hosting educational workshops aimed at teaching potential pet owners about the challenges and responsibilities that accompany pet...

  11. Loudoun Schools Ban Therapy Dogs for Special Ed, LCPS Called a Disgrace

    Loudoun Schools made the decision to ban therapy dogs confusing teachers, and professionals who previously brought in the dogs. Kathy Benner, who founded Heeling House says that there was no "incident", and that there have been no issues with the dogs and students.

  12. Fighting illegal fishing

    Researchers explore an alternative pathway to fast-tracking the global recovery of fisheries.

  13. Sen. Lewis backs pet protection

    S.1155, An Act relative to protecting puppies and kittens, ensures that puppies and kittens are bred and sold in safe and healthy environments, and strengthens the Massachusetts “Puppy Lemon Law” to give pet owners more options if they unknowingly purchase a sick pet.