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Mar 2018

  1. New York Bill Would Allow MMJ Products for Pets

    A10104 was introduced on March 15 by Assemblywoman Amy Paulin. If it is passed, the bill would provide animal owners and caretakers with an additional option when it comes to managing their pets' pain.

  2. Expert advice for moving your pet from Hawaii

    This pet-moving expert encourages owners to get their pets acclimated to crates well in advance. Additionally, she encourages pet owners to be honest about their pet's health when filling out any kind og paperwork. 

  3. New Annenberg PetSpace Explores the Human-Animal Bond

    This combined adoption, education, and community centered opened in June. It boasts 30,000 square feet of pet-centered wellness. Onsite play areas, grooming facility, and veterinary clinic are all designed to meet the animals' needs and increase their chances of adoption.

  4. New videos promote pets' influence on people

    Veterinary drug maker Zoetis Inc. has stepped up its involvement in “The Pet Effect” campaign by releasing two videos designed to raise awareness about how pet ownership can benefit human health.

  5. International Day of Happiness: What makes you happy?

    The Australian Veterinary Association is encouraging pet owners to be mindful of their loyal companion's health and welfare. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their animals in for regular check-ups, among other things.

  6. Miniature horse provides therapy for patients at Saint Alphonsus

    A lot of hospitals have pet therapy programs centered around dogs or even cats, but Baxter is a registered therapy horse who makes his rounds at Saint Alphonsus hospital in Boise. Baxter likes to wear funny hats and shoes when he visits patients.

  7. Let Us Make Your Pet Therapy Dreams Come True

    Pet Partners of Central New York will be at the Oswego Public Library on April 7 to give community members the opportunity to love on furry friends.

  8. Say hello to the Dogtar

    Billy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, visits the University of Manchester's medical school twice a month to help relieve the students' stress.

  9. Old dogs can teach new tricks about human health

    Companion dogs and their owners live closely entwined lives, and the research showed that both suffer from age-related health issues such as obesity, arthritis and diabetes, with very similar occurrence patterns (for example, at what point in their lives that conditions develop).

  10. Sleepy Eye FFA excels at contests

    The Small Animals team members were tested on their knowledge of common pets, pet health and animal anatomy. An identification of different species including: dogs, cats, birds, fish, parasites and rabbits is also a large part of the contest. The Small Animals team is ready to take on state and...