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Jan 2019

  1. Care home trials pet therapy - using alpacas

    But now one Suffolk care home has discovered the astonishing therapeutic qualities of a much more exotic animal – the alpaca. Hadleigh Nursing Home was chosen to trial pet therapy using the South American breed by Jo Bridge, who keeps a herd of 60 alpacas at Clay Hill Farm, in Wattisham.

  2. Dog-friendly dining

    There are legitimate reasons people object to animals in dining areas. Perhaps the most oft-mentioned concerns are health-related: poorly-trained pets having “accidents” or slobbering on reluctant patrons, or restaurant employees petting customers’ dogs and failing to wash their...

  3. All our animals have unique needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle

    Surprisingly most of the illnesses I see in our exotic pets are due to what is called improper husbandry or care of that pet. Improper diet, lighting, temperature and humidity of cages can lead to a variety of health issues in our exotic pets. I am going to discuss some of the basics for proper...

  4. 89000 dogs never get walked, shocking figures reveal

    According to a recent report carried out by the vet charity, 1.4million dogs don’t get walked each day while 2.1million are left alone for five hours or more on a typical week day.

  5. Opera in Sarasota is a pet project

    Friends Claudia Pennington and Glo Reber went to Opera for Animals Singing is Saving (OASIS) on Jan. 26 at Palm Aire Country Club to help raise money for animal rescues along with being able to enjoy some great music.

  6. Pain Management for Pets

    One of the most difficult parts of being a pet owner is knowing how to best care for pets that are in pain. 

  7. Governor Lamont shows support for homeless pets

    A special group of constituents has been busy giving well wishes to government representatives for the upcoming legislative session—pets at the Connecticut Humane Society. Pets greeted Governor-elect Ned Lamont, Lieutenant Governor-elect Susan Bysiewicz and local and state...

  8. Montreal's overflow shelter welcomes homeless and their pets in out of the cold

    As the cold sets into Montreal through the winter season, a new overflow shelter is preparing for its third night. The Royal Victoria Hospital's temporary shelter is set up to provide extra beds for the homeless during cold snaps. A total of 80 emergency beds are now in place in the...