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Feb 2019

  1. Search is on to find Sheffield's fattest pets

    Over the past 14 years the contest has helped 137 overweight pets (85 dogs, 42 cats, 8 rabbits and 2 rats) lose an incredible 75 stone - equivalent to 1,190 cans of dog food*!

  2. Canine and Feline dental health

    Avoiding dental cleaning can lead to serious medical problems such as abscessed teeth, severe bone loss in the jaw, and systemic bacterial infections, according to Dr. Gaeto.

  3. Hospital therapy dog program receives award

    The team of therapy dogs and volunteers were awarded the 2019 John Henry Award as part of the 13th Annual Behavioral Health Day Wednesday at the Roundhouse in Santa Fe.

  4. Public Health: Family pets can get rabies - are yours protected?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Protection states that more than 90 percent of all rabid animals reported each year occur in wildlife. The animals that get rabies the most are raccoons, skunks, foxes and bats. In 2018, three bats and one raccoon in Henderson County tested positive for rabies.

  5. More pets getting poisoned by marijuana

    But humans are not the only ones drawn to baked goodies, and veterinarians say there has been a recent spike in the number of emergency room visits by pets who have consumed marijuana products.

  6. For pet's sake: Health benefits from pets often go unnoticed

    A California study of over 41,000 people showed that those owning a dog walked an additional 19 minutes per week. The study, which appeared in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, showed that people that did not own dogs were more likely to walk to work. However, the pet owners...

  7. Look, look, see Spot, Fido run in annual Dog Jog

    It starts and finishes in the Walla Walla Community College athletic complex parking lot. Early registration is underway: organizers with sponsor Blue Mountain Humane Society recommend signing up before March 31 to be guaranteed an event T-shirt.

  8. Local hospital uses healing power of pets

    Good Samaritan Medical Center launched the new program that’s not only bringing a huge smile to their patients’ faces but doctors say it’s also great for their recovery.

  9. The healing power of horses

    Funds raised for Exceptional Equestrians will go to therapeutic riding and equine-assisted learning programs that serve over 250 families annually,

  10. Pet therapy introduced to help college learners

    A college in the South Wales Valleys has introduced a pet therapy initiative as a new way to further help re-engage learners who might otherwise be at risk of leaving education.