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Mar 2019

  1. Dogs decrease depression

    Dogs like Chip are companions with whom humans share a special connection, known as the human animal bond (HAB). 

  2. Hope Community Services program receives grant

    Hope Community Services (HCS) was recently awarded $10,000 by Thunderbirds Charities. The donation will go toward HCS’ new Behavioral Health Equine Assisted Therapy Program.

  3. Warrior Canine Connection begins multi-million-dollar barn project

    The organization that focuses on animal-assisted therapy for veterans, received a donation from associated general contractors to begin its multi-million-dollar project. Officials say their goal is to expand their programs to help thousands of local veterans in need. 

  4. Protecting animals from abuse

    The main goal of the organization is to help people understand why all animals deserve our respect and protection – beginning with our beloved companion animals.  

  5. Therapy animals at Herzliah

    Herzliah High School student Havah Radu pets a black lab, one of several therapy animal brought in by the school to provide assisted therapy to students during the mid-term exam period 

  6. Pet Therapy Delivered!

    Pet-A-Pet Club, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable organization providing pet therapy to hospitals, nursing homes and convalescent centers in the metro Detroit area. Members of the Pet-A-Pet Club commit themselves to encourage the human-animal bond by educating the public regarding the...

  7. Goat Yoga For Bleating Hearts

    The idea behind goat yoga is similar to other types of animal-assisted therapies, such as horseback riding, reading to dogs, or companion pets. So why not combine the healing properties of animals with the therapeutic effects of yoga? Especially cute baby goats; I could get on board with that.

  8. A morning with the equestrian team

    “It helps me better focus, manage my school work better,” said sophomore Lauren Tang, a computer science major. She described her time with the horses as a form of pet therapy. “Riding a horse is very cathartic for me,” Tang said. “It makes me feel at peace...

  9. Positive People in Pinecrest – Carolina Gonzalez

    A few years ago, after her little sister spent time in the hospital during the Christmas season, Westminster Christian School senior Carolina Gonzalez created Winston Smiles, a community service project to help hospitalized children.