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Jan 2019

  1. Beth Gibbs Joins My Perfect Pet's Sales Team

    My Perfect Pet is pleased to introduce Beth Gibbs as its new Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Territory Manager. In her new position, Gibbs will be responsible for expanding sales for the California based company. Working closely with the Pet Food Experts management team, she will focus on...

  2. Pets 'paws' a while to enjoy a pamper

    The business has found itself at the epicentre of a new wave of animal health and wellbeing demand and is keen to stress the point that all animals ...

  3. The truth about CBD for your pets

    This past year you've probably noticed an uptick in CBD products for pets being sold everywhere from high-end smoke shops to gas stations.

  4. Homemade diets for pets done right

    Many pet owners are interested in finding a good quality food for their pet or find themselves supplementing additional food into their pets diet either because they are picky or to improve their health. However, there are right and wrong ways to make a homemade diet for your pet. The...

  5. Home Remedies: Animals as healers

      Pet therapy is gaining fans in health care and beyond. Animal-assisted therapy can reduce pain and anxiety in people with a range of health problems.

  6. Healthy pets, healthy people

    Dr Jean Bosco Turikumwenayo, specialised in treating pets (cats and dogs), says people who keep pets, especially dogs, should be aware of zoonotic diseases, also known as zoonoses, which are directly transmitted from animals to humans through media such as air (influenza) or through bites and...

  7. Five ways owning a dog improves your health

    So powerful are the handful of studies into pet ownership and health that researchers believe that "prescribing" a pet to people may be one of the best forms of medicine

  8. Be careful when using natural anti-tick treatments on dogs or cats

    Although this is winter, your pets are still at risk of picking up ticks. Some varieties can remain active into winter as long as the temperature is above freezing, according to the University of Rhode Island’s TickEncounter Resource Center. Tick-borne illnesses have the potential to...

  9. Premier Pet Supply helps give your pet a healthy smile

    Can dogs smile? What about cats? Just like humans, you want your pet to have healthy teeth and gums for that perfect smile. So do the folks at Premier Pet Supply stores. Owner Mike Palmer and Jeff Nagarah, from the Rochester Hills location spoke to Jason Carr about the...

  10. How to fly with a pet on a plane

    Traveling with pets can be challenging, but it isn't impossible. There are certain things that have to be considered when bringing your furry friends on the airplane.