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Jan 2019

  1. Montreal's overflow shelter welcomes homeless and their pets in out of the cold

    As the cold sets into Montreal through the winter season, a new overflow shelter is preparing for its third night. The Royal Victoria Hospital's temporary shelter is set up to provide extra beds for the homeless during cold snaps. A total of 80 emergency beds are now in place in the...

  2. Cold weather prompts reminder about pet safety

    As frigid temperatures impact Clearfield County, officials are reminding pet owners to bring their furry friends inside. Michelle Radaker of Animal Health Services in DuBois said pets are vulnerable to hypothermia, frostbite, sore joints and dehydration when left in the cold.

  3. New program helps pets and owners in need

    La Cueva, located on Pierce Street, started a charitable fund program by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) to help animals and their pet owners in need — especially disabled veterans requiring a service dog, low income senior citizens, and those who...

  4. ANIMAL TALK: Free pets have hidden costs

    Currently, there are over 100 cats and kittens under the care of the P.E.I. Humane Society, either at the shelter or in foster care until they are old enough to be adopted. If you are looking for a cat or kitten, this should be your first stop. A female kitten costs $195 from the Humane Society....

  5. KC's FitBark may be scrappy but it's landing big partnerships

    FitBark Inc. has embraced a scrappy startup mindset, intentionally seeking little outside investment in order to retain control of its product roadmap and deliver what consumers want. The company's attentiveness to its user base and refusal to cut corners is paying off, resulting in deals...

  6. Roaming cats prey on their owners' minds

    Owners often dislike their feline companions’ compulsion to catch wildlife but feel unable, or unwilling, to control it. The researchers interviewed cat owners about their pets’ roaming and hunting behaviour, what worried them, and what they felt responsible for. Hunting, and...

  7. The Health Benefits of Pets

    Animals are so honest and true. It is our sincere fortune to have domesticated them. They provide companionship and entertainment and loyalty without bounds. They are our solace. And, as such, nurture us body and soul.


    We all hope our dogs will When I talk about teaching young dogs skills to make their old age easier, I am addressing the “happiness” part of their lives—the aspect that we, as their primary caregivers, affect most. We provide them with housing, nutrition, education, exercise. We...

  9. Veterinarian costs pose problems to pet health

    Dr. Jacqueline Otero, a veterinarian, said De Anza isn’t the only clinic seeing the problem. She said some owners even put off vet care that only ends up worsening the pet’s health. She said most clinics don’t offer payment plans, but they could offer preventative care...

  10. Therapy dogs help students, staff grieve over loss of teacher

    The school took the time to remember its beloved P.E. teacher known as "Coach S" by inviting therapy dogs on campus. Gabriella Rodriguez said she was happy to be greeted by dogs on her first day back from winter break.