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Jan 2020

  1. Ruff day? Therapy dogs provide help

    Dog teams from the Go Team Therapy, Crisis and Airport Dogs program make visits with students at the DeForest Area Middle School.

  2. 'Like pet therapy': Foster cats delight customers at NS bookstore

    A book store owner in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia fosters cats. The cats are free to roam the book store, giving them a chance at socialization to increase their chances at adoption as well as giving customers a chance at therapeutic interactions with the felines.

  3. Therapy Dogs Arrive At UK Airports To Help Nervous Flyers

    Southampton International Airport has begun stationing therapy dogs at the airport to help passengers dealing with stress and anxiety during travel. The dogs come from the Therapy Dogs Nationwide organization.

  4. Horses at ranch strengthen inmates who are facing release

    Inmates from the Berkshire County Jail and House of Correction have been benefiting from HorseWorks' Own It and Up Inmate Program, which allows them to work with Spirit, a horse rescued from a wild horse round-up in Montana and abuse at a cattle ranch.

  5. Robot therapy dogs and more new tech unveiled at CES

    The Tombot was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. The robotic dog is designed for therapy for dementia patients and, due to cost compared to actual dogs, is more easily scaled up.