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    A new animal-assisted therapy for speech was launched this summer in Kokomo, Indiana. SPEAK uses interactions with animals like horses, rabbits, goats, and sheep to help children develop their verbal abilities.

  2. Southwest Airlines cracks down on emotional support animals

    Southwest becomes the latest airline to announce new, tighter restrictions on emotional support animals traveling with passengers. Southwest's new rules allow only one emotional support animal per passenger, and restricts the types of animals that can be considered emotional support animals...

  3. PetSmart Charities Grant Expands Pet Therapy Program at Children's National

    Children's National Health System and PetSmart Charities have announced an expansion of the pet therapy program at Children's National Hospital thanks to a $270,000 grant. The goal is to expand the program to 30 volunteer teams, from the current three by 2019, to be able to serve more...

  4. Pet Loss Center opens its doors in Memorial

    The Pet Loss Center has opened a new location in Texas to provide death care services for pets. The company was co-founded by Coleen Ellis, a pet loss expert.

  5. Roles of emotional support animals examined

    According to research presented at the American Psychological Association convention, airlines are not the only organizations contending with emotional support animals and the protections around them. Phyllis Erdman of Washington State University says that colleges and universities are also...

  6. Are pet owners abusing animals to get opioids?

    Colorado veterinarians have seen signs that clients may be abusing pets in attempts to receive prescription painkillers. An editorial in American Journal of Public Health points to a need to be vigilant about the role veterinarians may be playing in the opioid epidemic.

  7. Mini-horse charms patients, families and staff

    People-Animal Connection at UCLA Health welcomed a guest therapy animal recently. Blue Moon, a miniature horse, is a trained and registered therapy animal with an equine-assisted activity organization.

  8. Outside in Appalachia: with Dogs

    With the numerous health benefits that pets can have for human health, it's important to make sure that outdoor experiences are made safe for pets, too.

  9. Robotic pets provide companionship, comfort to dementia patients

    Dementia patients at a rehabilitation center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, are benefiting from a new pet therapy program through the Joy For All Companion Pets robotic pets. The robotic pets were gifted by the Lancaster Lions Club.

  10. RightPet Study: Children Enjoy Pet Rats Over Cats and Dogs

    A recent study on pet ownership showed that there are differences in pet preferences between men and women, and that children get more satisfaction from owning pet rats than cats or dogs. The study was conducted over eight years and surveyed almost 17,000 pet owners from more than 110 nations.

  11. How Do You Talk to Your Cat?

    In a paper from a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Applied Animal Behaviour Science, researchers Péter Pongrácz and Julianna Szulamit Szapu reveal the results of a survey on interactions between humans and cats. Some specific findings include that cats were adept at...

  12. Therapy dogs can help reduce stress in university students

    New research shows that canine therapy intervention reduced significant stress for university students. The students involved participated during three semesters - Fall 2014, Winter 2015, and Fall 2015 - and were able to visit with any of 15 to 17 therapy dogs with the B.A.R.K. prgoram for up to...