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Behaviour in pigs from three genotypes segregating at the halothane locus

By A. L. Schaefer, A. P. Sather, A. K. W. Tong, P. Lepage

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Time-lapse video recordings were made over 24-h periods on 32 halothane-negative pigs (NN) and halothane-positive pigs (nn) and on 16 of their progeny (Nn). Ethograms constructed from the tapes revealed that halothane-positive pigs drank and ate less frequently and spent longer investigating their pen, than halothane-negative pigs or the progeny (P<=0.01). Halothane-positive pigs also slept more frequently in groups and were less aggressive than the other 2 genotypes (P<=0.01). Halothane-positive pigs and the progeny displayed a greater level of neutral/non-aggressive acts, including nose-nose and nose-body contact than the progeny (P<=0.01). However, when fasted for 24 or 48 h, all genotypes behaved similarly, with a low level of most of these behavioural traits. These results suggested that there are differences in behaviour among the 3 genotypes.

Date 1989
Publication Title Applied Animal Behaviour Science
Volume 23
Issue 1-2
Pages 15-25
ISBN/ISSN 0168-1591
Language English
Author Address Agriculture Canada, Lacombe Research Station, Bag Service 5000, Lacombe, Alta. TOC 180, Canada.
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