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A note on changes in ingestive behaviour of sheep following shearing

By G. W. Arnold

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The grazing behaviour and herbage intake of sheep grazing at 4 stocking rates were recorded before and after shearing in winter. Following shearing, grazing time was reduced but intake of OM/h increased at all stocking rates even though the amount of feed available was very low at the highest stocking rate. Energy balance was maintained at the 3 lowest stocking rates. At the highest stocking rate, the sheep were in poor condition and spent more time sheltering; time spent grazing was greatly reduced, energy balance was not maintained and 40% of the sheep died.

Date 1976
Publication Title Applied Animal Ethology
Volume 2
Issue 2
Pages 175-179
Language English
Author Address Div. of Land Resources Management, CSIRO, Wembley, W.A., Australia 6014.
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