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An analysis of ingestive behaviour and activity of cattle under field conditions

By Y. Ruckebusch, L. Bueno

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The times spent by cattle in grazing, walking, ruminating, non-chewing and resting under field conditions for 24-h periods in autumn and winter during 3 consecutive yr were recorded by means of vibracorders. Three 500-kg cows (5, 7 and 17 yr old, resp.) were used in the trials which were conducted in 0.5- and 3.0-ha fields. Walking time was correlated with grazing time (r = 0.92) and occupied a longer time than grazing. The interval between the onset and cessation of grazing was related to the interval between sunrise and sunset (r = 0.89). Less time was spent in walking in windy weather and when less grass was available. Walking time was increased when cattle were in the larger field, and the diurnal pattern of grazing tended to be disrupted when cattle were in the smaller field.

Date 1978
Publication Title Applied Animal Ethology
Volume 4
Issue 4
Pages 301-313
Language English
Author Address Laboratoire de Physiologie et Pharmacodynamie, Ecole Nationale Veterinaire, 31076 Toulouse Cedex, France.
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