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The sexual behaviour in experimentally underfed bulls

By S. Wierzbowski

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Of 8 pairs of identical twins, one brother was fed 500 g protein daily and the other bull 700 g, from 18 mth of age. At 5 yr of age, live weight in the underfed bulls was 235 kg lower than in the others. Sexual behaviour, as assessed by total semen collection time, number of mounts/copulation, interval to 1st mounting, and interval between copulations, was superior in the underfed bulls. Reaction times in the underfed bulls were significantly shorter.

Date 1975
Publication Title Applied Animal Ethology
Volume 1
Issue 2
Pages 203-209
Publisher Elsevier
DOI 10.1016/0304-3762(75)90091-7
Language English
Author Address Instytut Zootechniki, Zaklad Fizjologii Rozrodu, Zwiergat, Poland.
Additional Language English
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