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Mating competency of rams and flock fertility

By C. G. Winfield, L. P. Cahill

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The mating performance of 4 Corriedale rams with low mating competency (ratio of mounts to services approx. 12:1) were compared with those of 4 rams with high mating competency (ratio approx. 2:1) when they were mated for 8 days in single-sire flocks at a ram:ewe ratio of 1:90. The 2 groups of rams had achieved similar numbers of services in an earlier series of mating tests. The rams with high and low mating competency showed no significant differences in the percentage of oestrous ewes marked, the percentage of oestrous ewes inseminated, or the percentage of ewes which became pregnant. The rams failed to inseminate 10% of the ewes which were marked, but this was not related to mating competency.

Date 1978
Publication Title Applied Animal Ethology
Volume 4
Issue 2
Pages 193-195
Language English
Author Address Department of Agriculture, Animal Research Institute, Werribee, Victoria 3030, Australia.
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