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How can veterinarians optimise owner compliance with medication regimes

By M. J. Verker, M. van Stokrom, N. Endenburg

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While poor compliance is considered an important problem in human medicine, it has received little attention as a reason for treatment failure in veterinary medicine. The aim of this study was to investigate how veterinarians can optimise owner compliance. In total 57 owners participated in the study, of which 40 were owners of companion animals and 17 owners of horses. Data were gathered by observation of the veterinarian-client interaction, questionnaires, and a telephone survey. Thirty owners (52.6

Date 2008
Publication Title European Journal of Companion Animal Practice
Volume 18
Issue 1
Pages 73-77
ISBN/ISSN 1018-2357
URL http://www.fecava.org/files/ejcap/732.pdf
Author Address Department of Animals, Science and Society, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands.N.Endenburg@uu.nl
Additional Language English
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