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Special Issue: Ethics and the politics of food. (Special Issue: Ethics and the politics of food.)

By M. E. Lien, R. Anthony

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This special issue examines how best to manage food production, distribution and consumption in an ethically viable manner. This issue consists of five papers. The first paper explains the differences between US and EU policies on genetically modified food and crops. The second paper explores the issues raised by the use of GM technologies in aquaculture. The third paper suggests an ethical matrix framework that enhances public justification of judgments and respects pluralism. The fourth paper reviews literature on political consumerism and challenges the new orthodoxy of the active consumer in the social sciences. The fifth paper provides an analysis of the evolution of thinking and talking about the role of scientific knowledge and expertise in food safety policymaking and in risk policymaking more generally from the late 19th century to the present day. The continued need for more thorough and concerted bridging of multiple disciplines for well-balanced work in food studies, is suggested in order to meet the challenges to food production and consumption in a just and socially responsible way.

Date 2007
Publication Title Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics
Volume 20
Issue 5
Pages 411-508
ISBN/ISSN 1187-7863
DOI 10.1007/s10806-007-9049-6
Language English
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  1. Agriculture
  2. Animal genetics
  3. Aquacultural and fisheries
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Consumers
  6. Contamination
  7. Developed countries
  8. Ethics
  9. Europe
  10. Fisheries
  11. Food consumption
  12. Food distribution and marketing
  13. Food economics
  14. Food policy
  15. Food production
  16. Foods
  17. Food safety
  18. Genetically engineered animals
  19. Genetically engineered plants
  20. Genetically modified animals
  21. Genetically modified organisms
  22. Genetically modified plants
  23. Genetic engineering
  24. Health
  25. Marketing
  26. North America
  27. Nutrition
  28. OECD countries
  29. Plants
  30. Policy and Planning
  31. politics
  32. Reviews
  33. risk
  34. Social psychology and social anthropology
  35. transgenics
  36. United States of America