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Meat and morality: alternatives to factory farming

By E. B. Pluhar

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Scientists have shown that the practice of factory farming is an increasingly urgent danger to human health, the environment, and nonhuman animal welfare. For all these reasons, moral agents must consider alternatives. Vegetarian food production, humane food animal farming, and in-vitro meat production are all explored from a variety of ethical perspectives, especially utilitarian and rights-based viewpoints, all in the light of current U.S. and European initiatives in the public and private sectors. It is concluded that vegetarianism and potentially in-vitro meat production are the best-justified options.

Date 2010
Publication Title Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics
Volume 23
Issue 5
Pages 455-468
ISBN/ISSN 1187-7863
Language English
Author Address The Pennsylvania State University, Fayette Campus, I University Drive, P.O. Box 519, Uniontown, PA 15401, USAApplied Philosophy, Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands.
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  1. Alternative methods
  2. Animal rights
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  4. Animal welfare
  5. Developed countries
  6. Ethics
  7. Europe
  8. Farm animals
  9. Food animals
  10. Food production
  11. Livestock farming
  12. Meat.
  13. Meat animals
  14. Meat production
  15. North America
  16. Nutrition
  17. OECD countries
  18. Social psychology and social anthropology
  19. United States of America
  20. Vegetarianism and veganism