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Report of the NABC ad-hoc committee on ethics

By P. B. Thompson

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This committee is charged with advising the NABC on what measures it could take to ensure that ethical issues receive an appropriate level of attention as one component of the USA's non-profit sector's programme of R&D in food and agricultural biotechnologies. Recommendations of the committee include: (1) Each NABC member institutions should ensure that subject matter on ethical issues associated with food and agricultural biotechnology is systematically integrated into the curriculum of their institution through modules or special courses; (2) Each NABC member institution should develop an institutional mechanism for supporting faculty interest and research on ethical issues, e.g. through an informal network of interested colleagues or workshop; (3) Each NABC institution should include information on ethical issues in its public education programmes on biotechnology. Extension and public policy education materials should be developed and NABC institutions should actively disseminate materials on ethical issues beyond the campus; and (4) NABC should support these efforts of member institutions by sponsoring regular workshops or conferences on ethical issues, aiding in the development of modules and teaching materials, and aiding in the dissemination of materials in both printed and electronic form. In particular, NABC should support these efforts by raising funds from member institutions, from foundations and government agencies, and from the private sector, including commercial biotechnology companies.

Date 1997
Publication Title Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Ethics
Volume 10
Issue 2
Pages 105-125
ISBN/ISSN 0893-4282
Language English
Author Address National Agricultural Biotechnology Council, 419 Boyce Thompson Institute, Tower Road, NY 19853, Ithaca, USA.
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