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"Bark parks" - a study on interdog aggression in a limited-control environment

By M. R. Shyan, K. A. Fortune, C. King

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As limited-control dog parks become more popular, concerns arise about whether these parks encourage interdog aggression. Systematic observations made at 1 park in Indianapolis, USA over 72 h (between 1600 and 1830 h, 3-5 times a week) across 8 months (between March and November 2001) found that 28 conflicts or potential conflicts occurred (

Publication Title Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science
Volume 6
Issue 1
Pages 25-32
ISBN/ISSN 1088-8705
Publisher Taylor & Francis
DOI 10.1207/S15327604JAWS0601_02
Language English
Author Address Department of Psychology, Butler University, 4600 Sunset Avenue, IN 46208,
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