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Caregiver perceptions of what indoor cats do "for fun"

By M. R. Shyan-Norwalt

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In a survey conducted to determine enrichment activities for indoor cats in the caregivers' homes, 304 indoor-cat caregivers answered structured interviews about their cats' use of windows and other "fun activities." The survey asked caregivers about durations of window use, what cats watched through the windows, and in what other fun activities cats freely participated. The results indicate that, of 577 cats, 84.3% looked out windows a total of 5 hr or less a day, that cats observed 14 different categories of outdoor stimuli, and that cats participated in 17 categories of "other" fun activities. These results suggest that cats use windows and sunlight much less often than the welfare community may expect but that caregivers (owners), when possible, should consider providing access to these.

Publication Title Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science
Volume 8
Issue 3
Pages 199-209
ISBN/ISSN 1088-8705
Publisher Taylor & Francis
DOI 10.1207/s15327604jaws0803_4
Language English
Author Address The Iams Company, 6751 State Route 503 North, P.O. Box 189, Lewisburg, OH 45338,
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