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Computer assisted extension program on ground squirrel control

By Terrell P. Salmon, Donald L. Lancaster, Leanne Lasarow

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Computers have become common place in virtually all phases of agriculture. Most individuals have access to microcomputers and the once apparent intimidation about using them is rapidly disappearing. Because of increased availability and public acceptance, it's no surprise that many Extension programs are using computers as an important component of their educational package. Recently, several computer models have been developed to assist Extension personnel and others in demonstrating proper wildlife damage control decisionmaking. We have developed such a model which is used to: 1) present ground squirrel control information to the grower, 2) take user (grower) input on production, yields, etc. and predict the potential impact squirrels may have on that grower's operation, and 3) present the potential cost effectiveness of the available control options.


Megan Kendall

Purdue University

Date 1985
Edition 0.00.0
Pages 8
Publisher Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conferences
Conference Title Second Eastern Wildlife Damage Control Conference, 1985
Language English
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