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Cow milk and human development and well-being

By K. Maijala

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This paper reviews the hypotheses of the relationship between milk and human coronary heart disease (CHD). These hypotheses are examined and their original historic deficiencies are discussed. This is followed by the new and emerging scientific evidence to support, question or refute these original hypotheses. The impact which these hypotheses have had upon the pattern of human nutrition which are reflected in many important economic, social and other nutritional issues are also discussed. It is considered inadequate to base general recommendations in the field of human health and well-being solely or mainly upon postulations about the relationship between milk and CHD without taking into account the larger and more complex issues. The paper concludes by considering the negative impact which the questionable hypotheses have had upon an important component of dairy cattle farming which historically has contributed enormously to human development and welfare. The author considers there is a vacuum of knowledge here which cannot be filled simply by expertise in the medical field alone, and that the issue is a prime candidate for interdisciplinary research.

Date 2000
Publication Title Livestock Production Science
Volume 65
Issue 1/2
Pages 1-18
ISBN/ISSN 0301-6226
DOI 10.1016/S0301-6226(00)00194-9
Language English
Author Address Haapatie 13 D, 00780 Helsinki, Finland.
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