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Farm & Home Science Vol. 3 No. 3, September 1942

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Even though chickens are efficient in converting raw farm product into human food, every locality has some poultry flocks with low production from which little or no profit is obtained. This is because the owner in most instances fails to recognize and give careful attention to all the factors under his control which affect the success of his poultry business. Some poultry units are unprofitable because they are too small, or the egg production is too low, mortality in the flock is too high or because the products are of inferior quality. Any factor or condition which increases or decreases the expense and the receipts from the poultry flock is closely associated with the profits which are derived from raising chickens.


Megan Kendall

Purdue University

Date 1942
Publication Title Utah Science
Pages 13
Publisher Utah Agricultural Experiment Station
Location of Publication Logan, Utah
Language English
Notes This newsletter was found at Digital Commons @ Utah State University:
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