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Pet therapy in the primary school: Results of a practical experience

By S. di Pietro, E. Giudice, M. Costa, L. Famulari, C. Staropoli, A. Pugliese

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Young people are often bombarded with problems related to growing up. Pets play a major role in inciting human relations and social activities. A pet then becomes a friend, confidant, and playmate to a child. However, a child may not be knowledgeable of the animal's life and its physical necessities, and the training that must be done to ensure the welfare of the animal. This study is carried out to understand the cognitive dynamics of the pupils of some primary schools about the relationship that exists between man, animal, and the environment. Several aspects were taken into consideration. These involve the instrumental and psycho-emotional (empathy) aspects, wherein a pet is considered as a support to human activities. The cultural aspect involves the development of the critical capacity and the ability to socialize and be responsible which can be derived from the interaction with animals. It is believed that these new insights and experiences may give reference for future examinations where pet therapy can be applied to treat children with relational problems or those that have undergone a psycho-physical trauma.

Date 2002
Publication Title Obiettivi e Documenti Veterinari
Volume 23
Issue 1
Pages 57-60
ISBN/ISSN 0392-1913
Language Italian
Author Address Dipartimento di Medicina e Farmacologia Veterinaria, Universita di Messina, Messina, Italy.
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