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Assessment of dog-human attachment using Ainsworth's Strange Situation test

By M. Seman, J. Kottferova, T. Jakuba, E. Haladova, M. Fejsakova, R. Matos

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A human psychological test of Ainsworth's Strange Situation (ASS) was used to investigate the state of emotional attachment in dog-human relationship. Ten adult dog-owner pairs were observed in an unfamiliar test room, introduced to a human stranger and subjected to 8 short episodes. The dogs exhibited a range of attachment behaviours, i.e. search and proximity seeking of their owner, following, vocalizing. Finally, the dogs' behaviour in ASS has shown a wide range of types and degree of attachment and was very similar to that reported in chimpanzees and human infants. This fact confirmed a strong behavioural correlation between the canine group tested by our team and the children's group tested by Ainsworth et al.

Date 2011
Publication Title Folia Veterinaria
Volume 55
Issue Supplement 1
Pages 54-55
ISBN/ISSN 0015-5748
Language English
Author Address Department of the Environment, Veterinary Legislation and Economy, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Komenskeho 73, 041 81 Kosice, Slovakia.
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