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Fox Valley Therapy Dog Club

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The Fox Valley Therapy Dog Club is a volunteer organization providing a wide variety of canine assisted therapy programs and services in the communities of Kendall, Kane and DuPage counties in Illinois since 2002. Over 70 members strong, our dedicated and motivated volunteers provide a unique "medium" through which we educate, communicate and implement our therapy programs. That medium is our well-trained dogs.

Utilizing our specially trained dogs, we make individual and group therapy visits to people in hospitals, nursing care facilities, schools, libraries, hospice, and other community organizations. During therapy visits our dogs may help with a patient's rehabilitation by being brushed or fetching a ball. Our dogs may endure being dressed up in costumes or having their teeth brushed to help children learn life skills. Our dogs may perform tricks to bring a smile to a face, or lay patiently on a quilt listening to a child read a story. These same dogs may nudge a patient's arm to show affection or wait patiently as an elderly person slowly pads down a hallway holding their leash.


Angel Tobey

Purdue University

Location Yorkville, IL
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