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1993 Report of the AVMA: Panel on Euthanasia

By Edwin Andrews, B. Taylor Bennet, J. Derrell Clark, Katherine A. Houpt, Peter J. Pascoe, Gordon W. Robinson, John R. Boyce

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In 1992, at the request of the AVMA Council on Research, the Executive Board of the AVMA convened a Panel on Euthanasia to review and make necessary revisions to the fourth Panel Report, published in 1986.1 Since 1986, the panel has become aware of a need for additional information on some aspects of euthanasia. In this report, the panel has updated information on euthanasia of animals in research and animal care and control facilities, expanded information on poikilothermic, aquatic, and fur-bearing animals, added information on horses and wildlife, and deleted methods or agents considered unacceptable. Some euthanasia methods and agents are not discussed, because this report is limited to those methods and agents supported by data from scientific studies. Predator control and depopulation and slaughter of animals for food are not addressed in this report. The report is intended to be used primarily by veterinarians, but will be understandable by a broad segment of the general population. Although the interpretation and use of this report cannot be limited, the panel's overriding commitment is to give professional guidance for relieving pain and suffering of animals that are to be euthanatized. The recommendations in this report are intended to serve as guidelines requiring the use of professional judgment for application to the various settings where animals must be euthanatized.


Angel Tobey

Purdue University

Date 1993
Volume 202
Issue 2
Pages 229-249
Publisher Animal Welfare Information Center
Department United States Department of Agriculture
Language English
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