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Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter

By Gail Laule, Jacob Casper, Sebastian Heath, Robert Linnabary, Andrej Romanovsky

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The Animal Welfare Information Center Newsletter for Oct-Dec 1993. Contains "The Use of Behavioral Management Techniques to Reduce or Eliminate Abnormal Behavior" by Gail Laule, "Preparing the Farm and Farm Animals for Disasters by Jacob Casper, Sebastian E. Heath, and Robert D. Linnabary, and "Surgery in Rodents: Risk of Potential Hypo- and Hyperthermia by Andrej A. Romanovsky.


Angel Tobey

Purdue University

Date 1993
Volume 4
Issue 4
IBSN/ISSN 1050-561X
Publisher Animal Welfar Information Center
Department U.S. Department of Agriculture
Language English
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  1. Abnormal behavior
  2. Animal health and hygiene
  3. Animal welfare
  4. Behavioral research
  5. Captivity
  6. Evacuation
  7. Farms
  8. Livestock
  9. natural disasters
  10. Policy and Planning
  11. rescue
  12. risk
  13. Rodents
  14. surgery