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By C.B. Faraco

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ABSTRACT - In this presentation, some aspects of the human-animal
relationship and its articulation with Veterinary have been discussed. It is an
attempt to encourage the dialogue between this science and the new area
known as Anthrozoology, since they are intrinsically connected by common
themes and methods, which include knowledge production, focus on the same
object of study, and concerns about good practice in different performance
contexts. Besides that, new data have been presented, especially about
cognitive and social skills, and subjectivity. Such aspects, which are currently
acknowledged, reflect on the interaction of dogs with humans and should
certainly be taken into consideration in clinical veterinary practice.


Angel Tobey

Purdue University

Date 2008
Translated Title Human-Animal Interaction
Pages 5
Language Portuguese
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  1. Animal roles
  2. Anthrozoology
  3. Human-animal bond
  4. human-animal contact
  5. Human-animal interactions