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Encounter with the Others

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The project Poke Ma Regole aims at raising and practicing civil coexistence and conviviality in the city we live in, starting from the relationship between the other animals and us. The project takes place in primary and secondary schools of Florence, Italy. This article addresses the training in citizenship skills the children and I went through in the classroom. In this process, some very special teachers helped us: the other animals. The other animals constantly remind us of the possibility of a fruitful partnership. We, on the other hand, often neglect this partnership between different living beings and toward whom we should be righteous. By helping the young citizens I meet in the classroom to focus the relationships with the other animals on dignity, I help them to become proactive and agents of change to advance a more careful, respectful and inclusive society. Above all, just.

No animals (non-human and human) were harmed during Poke Ma Regole.

Keywords: urban place, education, animals/humans relationship, justice, ethics of ca

Date 2014
Language English
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