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Veterinary Manufacturers & Distributors Association

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The VMDA provides real representation to government and other bodies, and works from a position of strength and experience built up over 3 decades as the primary voice of the Australian animal health industry.

The VMDA has:

  • Ensured that individual businesses are heard and understood by colleagues and others.
  • Helped prevent unfair and impractical legislation damaging businesses.
  • Brought member companies together with suppliers and customers with the common aim of successful promotion and protection of our industry.

VMDA's activities and achievements span all areas of concern to manufacturers, importers, registrants and distributors of all classes of veterinary medicines and animal health products, including:

  • Product Registration
  • Labelling
  • Quarantine
  • Manufacturer's Licensing / GMP Code
  • Training / Accreditation
  • Waste Disposal / Collection

The Association's prestige with key Government entities ensures that we have involvement in drafting of policy on all issues of concern to our industry, and are regularly consulted for our knowledge and expertise.


Angel Tobey

Purdue University

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