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Teaching animal bioethics in Europe: present situation and prospects

By M. Marie, S. Edwards, E. von Borell, G. Gandini

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A survey was conducted in 20 European countries regarding the agricultural or veterinary higher education institutions (n=106) delivering courses in animal bioethics. Information regarding the nature of the curriculum, number and background of the teachers, pedagogic methods, and topics covered (nature and time dedicated) were collected for 199 courses. The wide disparity in the structures for delivering training, the different approaches and histories of teaching in this domain were presented. For now, teaching is biased towards ethical issues relating to the human-animal interaction and animal welfare and lesser attention is given to other issues. Due to the paucity of the PhD or post-graduate courses, few opportunities for young scientists to become specialized in animal ethics is evident. Difficulties, assets and strategies for developing curricula in this field are analysed. An on-line search and continuously updating database was implemented. Contacts and collaborations between teachers, information and virtual or physical mobility of students are expected outcomes.

Date 2003
Volume 57
Pages 291-296
ISBN/ISSN 0351-0832
Publisher European Association for Animal Production
Language English
Notes 54th Annual meeting of the European Association for Animal Production, Rome, Italy, 31 August-3 September, 2003. Hrvatsko Agronomsko Drustvo
Author Address Sciences Animates, ENSAIA-INPL-Nancy, B.P. 172, 54505 Vandoeuvre les Nancy, France.
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