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Troubling tursiops: living in harmony with kindred spirits

By Marc Bekoff

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Date 2003
Publication Title Between species : celebrating the dolphin-human bond
Pages 264-274
ISBN/ISSN ISBN: 1578050707 (alk. paper); 9781578050703 (alk.
Publisher Sierra Club Books
Location of Publication San Francisco, CA
Language English
Notes Distributed by the University of California Press ill. ; 24 cm. pt. 1.; Where we meet : the dolphin-human bond.; Slipstream /; Brenda Peterson ;; The history of the dolphin /; Ashley Montagu ;; At-one-ment /; Diane Ackerman ;; Being with dolphins /; Bernd Würsig and Melany Würsig ;; The kindred wild /; Toni Frohoff ;; The dolphin's gaze /; Ben White ;; Toward a cetacean nation /; John C. Lilly. --; pt. 2.; The many worlds of dolphins : international waters.; Talking to beluga /; Jim Nollman ;; At home with the dolphins /; Giovanni Bearzi ;; Dance of the dolphin /; Sy Montgomery ;; Lessons learned from a dolphin in Brazil /; Marcos Santos ;; Luminary /; Cathy Kinsman ;; Solitary, yet sociable /; Christina Lockyer and Monica Müller ;; Life at Monkey Mia /; Rachel Smolker ;; Miracle dolphin /; Oz Goffman ;; Toward a new ethic for watching dolphins and whales /; Erich Hoyt. --; pt. 3.; Beyond our myths : the real life of dolphins.; Hunger /; Linda Hogan ;; Signs of becoming /; Pat Weyer ;; Springer's homecoming /; Howard Garrett ;; A sperm whale : reality is more magical than myth /; Bill Rossiter ;; Sea change /; Naomi A. Rose ;; Acoustic smog /; Lindy Weilgart ;; The discovery and development of dolphin-assisted therapy /; Betsy Smith ;; Dolphin lessons /; Leigh Calvez ;; Swimming with dolphins in New Zealand /; Rochelle Constantine and Suzanne Yin ;; Troubling tursiops : living in harmony with kindred spirits /; Marc Bekoff. --; pt. 4.; "Necessary kindness" : our shared future.; Loving with an open hand /; Joana Mcintyre Varawa ;; Letting dolphins speak : are we listening? /; Kathleen Dudzinski ;; Dolphin healing from afar /; Horace Dobbs ;; With a little help from my friends /; Cathy Englehart ;; The ocean's chalk circle /; Paul Spong and Helena Symonds ;; "Necessary kindness" : an interview with Jean-Michel Cousteau /; Brenda Peterson ;; Advice to a prophet /; Richard Wilbur. Publisher description Table of contents Includes bibliographical references (p. 353-354). National bibliography no: GBA3-Y5897 Other format available: Online version:; Between species.; San Francisco : Sierra Club Books ; Berkeley, Calif. : Distributed by the University of California Press, c2003 edited by Toni Frohoff and Brenda Peterson. Internet resource (url) Book; Internet Resource Date of Entry: 20021018
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