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A brief note on the information-seeking behavior of UK leisure horse owners

By J. Hockenhull, E. Creighton

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Equine welfare charities have identified the education of (primarily novice) horse owners as the principal route to tackling the majority of equine welfare problems in the United Kingdom. To reach and educate owners effectively, we must understand where they seek advice about issues that arise when owning or caring for a horse. Questions regarding information-seeking behavior were included in an Internet survey completed by a convenience sample of 1,326 UK leisure horse owners, recruited online and through electronic and postal mail shots to equestrian clubs and establishments. The questions asked where the owners sought advice regarding 4 different subject areas: horse behavior, health, stable care, and training. Respondents were asked to select their main sources of information from a list of 7 - books/magazines, vet/farrier, instructor, Internet/forums, friends/family, tack shops, and other. Although books/magazines were the most frequently used information source across all 4 subject areas overall, there were differences between the 4 subject areas in the most commonly selected sources (chi 2=992, P

Publication Title Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research
Volume 8
Issue 2
Pages 106-110
ISBN/ISSN 1558-7878
Language English
Author Address Department of Biological Sciences, University of Chester, Chester,
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