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UCLA People-Animal Connection (PAC) Program

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UCLA People-Animal Connection (PAC) is one of the most comprehensive Animal-Assisted Therapy and Activity (AAT/A) programs in the nation. PAC volunteer teams (consisting of the canine and his/her human partner) offer companionship and warmth to more than 900 critically ill children and adults per month. Since its inception in 1994, PAC teams have recorded more than 100,000 in-patients visits, as well as hundreds of thousands unrecorded visits to families and guests to UCLA medical centers and community events. PAC's core foundation is to enhance physical healing and emotional well-being through the canines' instinctive bond with patients of all ages, cultures, and socioeconomic levels. Providing comfort care to critically ill patients including many underserved and indigent individuals who might not have any other visitors. Its success at the Westwood campus has led to the expansion of AAT/A at many UCLA medical facilities, including UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica.



Katie Carroll

Location Los Angeles, California
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